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What our clients Say About us

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Elizabeth, NJ

Amazing time in Jamaica! The Reggae Chefs really know their stuff and their love for Jamaica is infectious!

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Lourdes, London

Best experience I've had in a long time. I left Jamaica when I was 7 years old but the food prepared by the chefs brought me back to my childhood days.

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Lori, Quebec

The Reggae Chefs are the real deal! My family learned so much about the culture and the food is wicked!

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Jackie, Brooklyn

No one cooks authentic Jamaican cuisine like The Reggae Chefs. The entire experience was aaaamazing!

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Nicole, St. Ann

I never imagined I could  learn new things about my country.  My friends and I were impressed with The Reggae Chefs food and knowledge of Jamaica.

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Clive, Paris

My family really enjoyed learning the games and trivia about Jamaican culture. The chefs  even played referee when things got heated!

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