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A Nutty Idea


If you were to attempt to bottle Jamaican culture, what would be the ingredients that make it inside that bottle? Would our food make it? Would our music? How about the games that children play? These were the questions that plagued our Founder Peter Ivey when he returned from a Reggae show in Las Vegas.


It was the first time he witnessed the mass consumption of the music of his homeland and he couldn't forget the excitement of patrons indulging in all things "yaad." Armed with a new outlook on his culture and the entrepreneurial spirt, Ivey decided to identify and research what he calls the "icons" of Jamaican culture. 

Guided by these icons since 2012 Ivey has been able to package Jamaican culture in such a way that it can be enjoyed anywhere, at anytime with family and friends.

If you were to put Jamaica culture in a bottle it would probably look something like The Reggae Chefs.


Our team is comprised of internationally and locally recognized chefs who proudly work under The Reggae Chefs banner to deliver a unique dining experience. Warm Jamaican hospitality comes built-into our service as well as the highest standard in food safety.


All Reggae Chefs possess vast knowledge of Jamaican cuisine and culture and are always excited to share their passion for all things Jamaican with you. 

Our Chefs

Our Food

The Reggae Chefs strive to provide a perfect snapshot of Jamaica with food being the center piece. Every Reggae Chef comes equipped with the in-depth knowledge of  authentic cultural cooking as well as the style and flare of modern fusion cuisine. Sustainably sourced and always fresh ...jus ask fi what yuh want!

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